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The Trees in Two Gardens

The Trees in Two Gardens

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When we visit gardens I tend to concentrate on taking photographs of borders and flowering plants, and often ignore the wonderful silhouette of the trees.

So when we went to Dunham Massey and Trentham in February I concentrated on their trees so just sit back and enjoy my photos. A tribute to trees.

Firstly enjoy the trees of Dunham Massey.

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2014 02 25_66732014 02 26_6774


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.@GillianA @WilliamVintage #JeanDesses 50’s fashion

Gillian Anderson wearing Jean Desses’s haute couture dress by WilliamVintage at Calvin Klein Gala in Design Museum (2011)

A wonderful haute couture example by one of the greatest couturiers of the 20th century.

Crafted in fine celadon silk, the dress is entirely hand-beaded in squares of bugle beads and strung round beads in the same celadon shade, creating a checkerboard effect that sways as the dress is worn.

The dress is lined and interlined and fitted with the original double zip, creating a magnificent, modern example of vintage haute couture at its very finest.

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